What Readers Say
"Extremely Impressed"
"I have to say that overall I was extremely impressed by the level of detail that you cover not only explaining Adobe's features but also the more general, underlying concepts and technologies that photographers need to comprehend."

Julieanne Kost
Senior Digital Imaging Evangelist
Adobe Systems, Inc.
"An Invaluable Tool"
"123di enhances the experience with our Nikon D-SLR cameras and software during all stages of the workflow. The integration of easy-to-understand theory with hands-on tutorials, available in three levels makes this an invaluable tool for all our D-SLR customers, regardless of their level of experience."

Peter Burke
Former President and CEO of Nikon Canada
"Absolutely Priceless"
"Over the past couple of years, I have recommended people to get your program as it was truly the definitive work that enabled all levels of users to benefit from the information contained in your book. It's funny that it looks so innocuous, yet contains volumes of information that is absolutely priceless."

Jim Harvey
Editor of CreativeCow.net
"The Most Powerful Interactive Photoshop
Training Tool I've Ever Seen"
"Easy as 123: At the last big photo trade show I attended, I discovered this amazing training CD and the amazing individual who created it, Vincent Bockaert. 123DI is the most powerful interactive Photoshop training tool I've ever seen. If you use Photoshop and are serious about your photography, buy this program."

David MacNeill
Editor of Digital Camera Magazine
"No Other Single Product Gives You So Much
Information for the Money"
"Superb overall quality and lots of excellent information as usual for both the experienced pro and the amateur.

No other single product gives you so much information for the money."

Vagn-Ebbe Kier
Nikon School Teacher and lecturer in Nikon Capture NX2
Adobe Certified Expert Photoshop and Lightroom
"Amazing Illustrations, Animations, & Images"
"Amazing illustrations, animations, and images are all beautifully integrated for ease of learning and searching for later when you need reinforcement. The navigation is superb. Everything is organized, linked, indexed, and easy to move through or jump around in."

Clay White
Commercial Photographer, Consultant
Photoshop Instructor
"If You're Looking for a Really Great Tutorial,
You Need to Purchase This"
"Like many people in the Beginner's Questions forum, I'm a brand new convert to DSLR world, coming from owning P&S cameras for many years. After reviewing all of the online tutorials and online books, I ended up purchasing 123DI. I've spent the past 3 days going through this application and I have to say that it is amazing. The author goes into great details on each subject and it provides beginnings, intermediate and expert modes. What I especially loved were the tools it provided allowing me to test the different camera settings to see the impact of my choices. I also loved his writing style - very much straight to the point.

If you're looking for a really great tutorial, you need to purchase this. I figured no sense in spending $1k+ for a DSLR and lenses if I don't know how to use it properly."

Posted on dpreview.com forum
"Most Thorough Training & Information
Resource on Digital Photography"
"A 'Thumbs Up' to Vincent Bockaert for the amazing job he has done with 123di. This is by far the most thorough training and information resource on digital photography that I have ever seen. There is a great section on working with RAW data using Capture and/or NX as well as hundreds of techniques related to every aspect of photography. I mostly like his creative approach in allowing every topic to be viewed from a beginning, intermediate or advanced perspective."

Posted on dpreview.com forum
"Very Good Interactive Illustrations Make the Basic & Essential Sections Very Easy to Understand"
"I am also a beginner and I found (through this website) a downloadable interactive ebook called 123di that I think is fantastic. I am not yet 1/3 of the way through it but I am enjoying it immensly thus far. It takes the user through the basic theory of how digital imaging works to practical applications of the camera and editing software. Each chapter is broken down into basic, essential and advanced sections so you can get as in depth as you like in each topic. The advanced sections seem VERY detailed and are too much for me right now, but I'm sure as I get more experienced I will go back and use the info. Very good interactive illustrations make the basic and essential sections very easy to understand. The ebook contains over 5000 pages of info, is easily searchable, well laid out. At 49.95 for the download I feel as though I got excellent value. You can preview it here: http://www.123di.com.

Really, I cannot recommend it enough."

Posted on dpreview.com forum
"My Photos have Improved More in the Last
Week After Reading 123di than if I'd Blown
Thousands More on the Latest Equipment"
"This books covers all the basic stuff plus some really advanced stuff if your up to it. It also covers many things on using Capture NX, Nikon Capture, Photoshop, and Photoshop Elements!

I consider myself to be an advanced amateur and was wondering if I could learn anything from a book that's prepackaged, a freebie if you will. Downloaded the trial version, tried it, bought it.

I found the interactive features to be the key! I've read all the great info given here and other places. I found so many little things that I was doing wrong but didn't know it because I didn't understand the whole system and it's processes.

My photos have improved more in the last week after reading the book than if I'd blown thousands more on the latest equipment. Without the knowledge you'll never get your equipments full potential unlocked!

Just hoping this post can save someone the frustrations I've had over the years."

Jerry F. Mayo
Posted on ProPhotoHome.com forum
"My Choice for Product of the Decade, Don't Miss Out"
"I don't think a better all round tutorial exists than can be had at 123di.com. This is completely interactive, and animated, it just doesn't get any better.

When I am doing something I may need help with, I open 123di, go quickly to the section I need, and minimize it to the task bar, and when I need to refresh my memory, I take a quick look.

Winter before last I made a project of studying the whole thing. I think you can download a free trial. It's the best 50 bucks I've ever spent, and they contact you when free upgrades are ready. My choice for product of the decade, don't miss out."

Posted on ePHOTOzine forum
"In-depth and Easy Explanation"
"I have got 123di and love it for its in-depth and easy explanation on various aspects of digital photography and image editing software."

Posted on Flickr discussion group
"The Structure of the Program & User Interface is Absolutely Ingenious & Well-written"
"I've used 123di for several years and simply want to express how impressed I am with your work. Again, with V6.2 you've continued to provide a wealth of "state-of-the-art" information. The structure of the program and user interface is absolutely ingenious and well-written. I really can't say enough about your efforts here. Thank you very much for this wonderful product and for raising the concept of interactive learning to a new level."

Tom Hanlon
Crown Point, IN, USA
"Not Only Wide in Scope,
but Deep & Rich in Content Too"
"I have a bookshelf full of purchases, all on various subjects from photographic theory and technique to pro tricks in Photoshop. I don't remember how I found 123di, but I think it popped up when I googled 'focal plane'. I've only been looking at 123di for about an hour, and I've already found information that I've seen nowhere else. This is a superb product, not only wide in scope, but deep and rich in content, too. Thanks so much!"

Joann Robbins
Redding, CA, USA
"Your Explanations & Method of Delivering Your Content Really Helped Me & It's Perfect"
"Your book is probably the best book I have bought on digital imagery and how it relates to Photoshop.

Every now and then one comes across a "gem" of a book or web site that has EVERYTHING you want or wish for. This book is my gem. Now I am sure you get lots of compliments and testimonials.

But you need to know that what I have learned has helped me get additional contract work and broadened my understanding enough that I think its going to make me a lot more money. I design web pages for a living and have worked with Photoshop for years. But your explanations and method of delivering your content REALLY HELPED me and it's perfect."

Gordon Currie
Dawson Creek, BC, Canada
"Beginner, Advanced Amateur, Professional
Feature is Awesome!!!"
"Beginner, Advanced Amateur, Professional Feature is awesome!!! I very much like Chapter 1, the foundation of digital imaging. The content on the book is unique and systematic and hence invaluable. I wish I could have all my mathematics textbooks embedded with such features."

Colin Fang
United Kingdom
"I have Learned More from 123di in the
Last 6 Weeks, than I Learned in All the
Rest of the Time Since I Started with Digital"
"I have been a digital photographer ever since the days of the Olympus C2100uz. Since then I have owned a Canon D60, 20D, 40D, and a bunch of Canon and Sigma lenses. I started with PhotoShop 5, and am now using CS3. Without a doubt, I have learned more from 123di in the last 6 weeks, than I learned in all the rest of the time since I started with digital.

Congratulations and many thanks for such an excellent tutorial program."

Charles Poole
Half Moon Bay, CA, USA
"Understandable, Fathomable, Marvelous!"
"I have now spent less than 20 minutes taking a quick and cursory look through what I have purchased and I must say I am more than favorably impressed. Very well done. Looks like the money was indeed "well spent".

You should be proud of your own efforts. There are ever so many "how to" aids to learning this and that on offer just about at every turn in the road, far and away, the most of which are not worth the bother of digging into them; chock full of grim, disorganized, unintelligible impedimentia. Your 123di photo educational aid is obviously not in this category; it is, miracle of miracles...understandable, fathomable, marvelous!"

Richard Anderson
Snowmass, CO, USA
"Your Method for Teaching
Digital Photography is the Best"
"I am truly enjoying the 123di program, and have learned immensely. Adobe could learn a lot from your teaching methods. Your method for teaching digital photography is the best I have seen--very easy to learn. Please give Vincent Bockaert my comments. He has done an excellent work."

Bobby Dinsmore
Charlotte, NC, USA
"I Thought I had a Good Knowledge of Digital Photography But I was Surprised"
"I do not write to authors very often, but the quality of 123di is outstanding! I thought I had a good knowledge of Digital Photography but I was surprised. I wanted to write to let you know what a superb product this is, and to please let me know if you have any more in the works. Thanks for the work."

Kelly Hanlon
Valrico, FL, USA
"An Unmatched Wealth of Information
Concerning All Things Digital Imagery"
"123di is an unmatched wealth of information concerning all things digital imagery.

I'm an avid old school and recently digital photo buff having discovered the Canon G5 about one and a half years ago putting my Pentax Spotmatic into a temporary coma. I also work as a Prepress Technician in the printing trade so all the Photoshop how-to's are very beneficial and interesting.

Thanx again!"

Mike Kampman
Mississauga, ON, Canada
"Absolutely the Best & Most Organized"
"Participated on the beta versions of Windows 95 through SP2, was Microsoft MVP #22, and with a lot of computer experience, I can honestly say I have never come across such a smart program author as Vincent Bockaert.

Purchasing & installation was completely seamless, and the program is absolutely the best and most organized I have come across."

Gus Hallgren
Green Valley, AZ, USA
"I Accumulated Many Books But None Can Compare to Yours in Clarity of Explanation"
"123di is my bible and I find it close to perfection.

Thank you for offering to small amateurs like me an endless source of learning, understanding and applying the art of picture taking/processing/printing. I accumulated many books but none can compare to yours in clarity of explanation, language simplicity, scientific intelligence of the topics, quality of access to the innumerable items, etc...

In short, I owe you the progress I made and a lot of enjoyment."

Yann L. Fremond
"I Had No Idea How Much I Didn't Know!"
"Although I am less than 1/2 way through chapter 1, I have already learned a tremendous amount about digital imaging. I had no idea how much I didn't know!

The book has three paths - starter, essential, and advanced. I've been reading all three and they are quite well done with loads of pertinent information. The advanced sections could easily be skipped with little or no direct, pertinent information loss. But for the curious, there's more there.

A tyro or beginner would do very well to use the essentials of this CD/book to learn everything about digital imaging, or just pick particular areas. Each subsection of chapter 1 has been very thorough.

As for myself, I'm very pleased with the product and wish I had more time to work through it. Speaking of which, I'm going back to 123di now..."

George M. Anderson
Scotts Valley, CA, USA
"An Astounding Accomplishment"
"As a relative newbie to digital photography, I want to express my appreciation, amazement, and thanks to you for developing 123di. It is an astounding accomplishment and a unique and wonderful product."

Brian McGuire, M.D.
Bozeman, MT, USA
"Compact, Comprehensive, Authoritative"
"123di is the most compact, comprehensive, and authoritative book I have read, by far, on the subject of digital photography. And I have read a ton, including all the main internet forums since going digital three years ago (after some 40 years shooting film). Nice work!"

Luiz & Darlene Gutierrez
Quincy, CA, USA
"Best Treatise on All Facets of Digital Photography"
"123di is by far the best treatise on all facets of digital photography that I have found. Vincent has the enviable talent of explaining complex subjects in an authoritative easily understood way. The animations and interactive calculators are outstanding. I have no hesitation in recommending 123di as excellent value to anyone interested in digital photography."

James Vaughan
New Zealand
"123di is Astounding in its Comprehensiveness and Accessibility"
"123di is astounding in its comprehensiveness and accessibility. The closest CD-ROM reference I have that compares favorably is the McGraw Hill Computer Desktop Encyclopedia."

Lance L. Bibbins
Nashua, NH, USA
"Extremely Impressed with what You've Produced"
"I am very impressed, extremely impressed with what you've produced, so much so that I've highly recommended this to others.

Camera manuals provide basic operating information and I've read a couple of other books which have provided a bit more depth. I bought and read other e-books but I still wanted more. I wanted to know more about CCD and CMOS sensors, about the intricacies of histograms, the difference between various colour spaces, and so on. All this and much more I've found in 123di. So congratulations on an excellent work."

Chris Livingstone
"I've Read more than 37 Digital Photographic Books So Far. None of them Comes Close to Yours."
"Your spirit and perseverance in presenting genius to the world touched me and moved me to tears. I deeply believe that it is a beautiful world. I have read more than 37 digital photographic books so far. None of them comes close to yours."

Mike M. Wong
Silver Spring, MD, USA
"I Learned More from 123di in a Few Hours than All the Other Training Tools I Purchased"
"I do corporate contract photography in the real estate and mortgage industries.

Your product is vastly superior to the Deke McClelland and other Photoshop training videos which really aren't geared for photographers. I learned more from your product in a few hours than all the other training tools I purchased."

Jeff Greene
Arizona, USA
"Comfortable for Beginners"
"123di is written in a style that's comfortable for beginners but then goes on to address the needs of the more experienced practitioner of the digital arts and techniques."

Ian Yates
United Kingdom
"123di Really Makes All the Huge Manuals of Digital Photography & Photoshop Redundant"
"I would like to express my pleasure of reading 123di. I find it quite helpful and the way it's written makes everything easier to be understood.

123di really makes all the huge manuals of digital photography and Photoshop, etc. redundant."

Deyan Stefanov
"Every Step is Started Out Light and Ends Up in a Depth that has Just Blown Me Away"
"I am not a big fan of e-books but this one has proven to be outstanding. In this one e-book is more information on the three stages of digital photography than I have ever seen ... anywhere!

The editing and organization are all based on Adobe products but can be adapted to other software. Every step is started out light and ends up in a depth that has just blown me away."

Grant Dixon
"Your Tutorials have Been Invaluable to Me"
"Your tutorials have been invaluable to me. Easily some of the best money I've spent. You were right: I thought I was good in Photoshop, but the tutorials still helped immensely.

In particular, I absolutely love the noise reduction algorithm that you discovered.. It's especially handy since I have a negative scanner, and tends to have a noisy image at high resolutions."

Patrick Morris
Orlando, FL, USA
"It's Easy to Navigate, It's Easy to Understand and it's Quite In-depth!!"
"123di 5.0 is amazing!! I was reading it for a couple of hours and have learned things I`ve wanted to know for a long while now. It's easy to navigate, it's easy to understand and it's quite in-depth!! Thanks again!"

Tak Leung
"The Explanations are Clear & the Animated Graphics I've Looked at so Far are Excellent"
"As a scientist/educator, I can say that so far I am very impressed with your product. The explanations are clear and the animated graphics that I've looked at so far are excellent.

Congratulations for having developed this tool."

Tony Legault
"123di Looks so Incredibly Intuitive"
"Thank-you so much!! 123di looks so incredibly intuitive. I get to learn more at more advanced level, and have another super resource for my beginner classes."

Heather Gratto
Coordinator Adult Education
Port St Lucie, FL, USA
"Crucial Illustrations Throughout that only an Expensive Printed Book in Color can Match"
"123di provides crucial illustrations throughout that only an expensive printed book in color can match. In addition it provides fabulous educational animations, which are especially appropriate for the subject matter at hand.

It also comes at a time when hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of Americans with underused expensive cameras are rediscovering photography. They are starting to realize that digital cameras make photography easier and more convenient and that Photoshop is the $500,000 darkroom they never had."

Joseph T. Sinclair
San Francisco, USA